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Island of Oahu

Come explore the island of Oahu!

There are so many adventurous things to do on this island and we have hand picked only the best. Dine on a catamaran while watching the sun set into the ocean. Hike to a beautiful jungle waterfall or get adventurous and cage dive with sharks. Home to the Pearl Harbor Memorial and the famous North Shore Bonsai Pipeline that is world renowned for epic waves and pro-surf competitions. And as if that weren't enough, there's the timeless Waikiki beach of Honolulu! A top tour destination since the 1960's!
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Island of Maui

Maui Dreams Can Come True!

How do you imagine your vacation to Maui? Let us help you. Start off with brushing up on your surfing skills, then board a catamaran cruise out to a submerged volcanic crater where you'll snorkel among schools of fish and coral gardens. Even better, take a private tour on Maui's famous “Road to Hana” where you'll see incredible things like lava tubes, bamboo forests, black & red sand beaches, and waterfalls! The fun doesn't end there! Get active and experience Maui's beauty by kayaking, windsurfing, and paddle boarding through its crystal clear waters. Finish everything off with a relaxing downhill bike cruise starting at 6,600 feet and ending right at the beach.
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Big Island Hawaii Activities
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Big Island of Hawaii

Make Your Hawaiian Vacation BIGGER!

Big Island vacations are full of giant volcanoes, large rain forests, tall mountain waterfalls, big marine life, and expansive world renowned beaches! Our Big Island tours allow you to see lava flow, manta rays, dolphins, and our milky way from atop of the tallest mountain in the world. Experience black sand beaches, scenic tropical valleys, and hidden waterfalls. The Big Island is a breeding ground for all of this! Being the youngest of the Hawaiian Islands, our Hawaii activities house Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and has active lava flow. The island is literally still being created before your eyes! You add this and the turbulent waters of the south Pacific and it's a recipe for some of the most unique beauty found no where else. Come see for yourself and have those cameras ready!
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